Irritataing screen when inserting Blank CD/DVD's

  EvertheOptimist 14:23 02 Sep 06

Does anyone know ho to prevent an explorer type screen popping up everytime a blank disk is inserted (XP)?? It seems to take over the entire CPU, takes ages and in the middle of a burn process when it finally pops-up it can stop the process in its tracks. I've checked the option 'do nothing' in the burner's properties dialogue, but still it proudly displays the fact that the disk is blank.

  Fingees 16:14 02 Sep 06

I'm not sure, but I know if you insert a cd you do not want to auto start, you hold the shift key whilst inserting, until it settles.

You could try this to see if it works when inserting a blank disk

  EvertheOptimist 11:05 03 Sep 06

Thnaks Fingees I'll give it a try

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