Iriver 20GB MP3 Player

  herc182 11:09 30 Jan 04

Does anyone know where i can get this from the USA to be delivered here (in the UK)? it is a lot cheaper over there than it is here!

any websites would be appreciated.


  smegs 11:19 30 Jan 04

There was a thread the otherday on PCA about inporting from USA. Said it wasn't worth it as U will have to pay the tax when U have to pick the package up.

  smegs 11:21 30 Jan 04

click here Near the bottom of the page. $335 to $399

  vinnyT 12:08 30 Jan 04

This place does the iRiver iHP-120 20GB MP3 Jukebox, maybe does other iriver products if this isn't what you are looking for (couldn't be bothered to look, on dialup connection), at £255.00 (on sale) but not at present in stock.

click here

Hope this helps.

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