IrfanView - Version 3.90

  powerless 00:24 17 Apr 04


As mentioned and recommend by many on here.

I believe Pesala? ... wanted Transparent PNG saving which is now supported.


  powerless 00:25 17 Apr 04
  hugh-265156 01:00 17 Apr 04

a bit of googling and found click here

  powerless 01:01 17 Apr 04


  hugh-265156 01:12 17 Apr 04

does seem to be the english version after downloading it to check.

did not install it as im not quite sure how cosher it is.


  Clint2 01:17 17 Apr 04

The link from Powerless shows v3.85 but actually downloads v3.90.

  Pesala 05:40 17 Apr 04

Though the site is in Czech, the program is in English. Not all other download sites may be updated yet. It is still very early days. The update was only released on 16th April.

  powerless 05:43 17 Apr 04

I'm quick!!

  Pesala 05:43 17 Apr 04

I wonder what else is new?

  powerless 05:44 17 Apr 04

click here

...and wait a few seconds if you would :-)

  powerless 05:45 17 Apr 04

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