an irfanview image???

  Ikelos 18:45 27 May 08

hi, when i open an image with the above, the image is on the screen but the rest of the desktop is taken up with a border around the image, on the other laptop i can get the image up and the rest of the screen is the desktop, which is what i want. I have messed with it for ages and still can not find what i am doing wrong, any one any idea.

Thank you

  Pesala 19:08 27 May 08

The shortcuts to set an image opened in IrfanView as your desktop wallpaper are shown on a submenu of the Options menu:

Ctrl Shift C = Centre Image
Ctrl Shift T = Tile Image
Ctrl Shift S = Stretch Image
Ctrl Shift P = Previous Wallpaper.

  skidzy 19:14 27 May 08

Ikelos you and your tinkering with Irfanview Lol :-)

Try ;

View / Display Options / Windows mode / Fit Images to desktop height.

  Ikelos 19:33 27 May 08

Thank you both.

skidzy, when you get to my age the brain does not hold the information,

right, I have now got the desktop round the edges, but when i click on resize, it stays the same size. this is doing me in :-))

  skidzy 19:50 27 May 08

Ikelos though you maybe resizing the photo it may seem the same physical size,but the properties of its memory will be different depending if you are increasing or decreasing.

This can be checked by going to;

Open your image / Image / Information / now check the current memory.

Now resize and check the memory...this will have changed the properties/memory of the photo but the physical aspect will still be there....unless you change the memory drastically.

  Ikelos 20:34 27 May 08

thank you so much, how right you are.

nice one, I will see if i can retain the advice.

Thanks again

  skidzy 20:36 27 May 08

your welcome,any time.

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