Irfanview help

  watchful 12:13 11 Oct 05

I usually use this great programme for re-sizing photos but recently had a go with the crop/cut facility with success.
I open the pic. click on it to make a moveable rectangle and drag that around the part I want to keep. Click on Edit and chose Cut - leave selection and then File, save as and give it a new name.
However, trying this again I am left with my selected bit, plus a black surround of the parts I don't want and the file size remains just as it was.
I think I must be missing something in the chain of instructions this time.
Any help would be appreciated.

  octal 12:24 11 Oct 05

I've just been experimenting with mine. What I usually do is select the section I want, close Irfanview then open it again and simply paste the new section, is that any good?

  octal 12:25 11 Oct 05

Of course, copy the selection first before closing, sorry, forgot to say that.

  Eastender 12:38 11 Oct 05

You didn't mention PASTE after cut.

  watchful 13:16 11 Oct 05

Thank you very much. That's just what I wanted.

I copied - closed Irfanview - re-opened it and right-click, paste. Then I saved it with a new name.

Thanks also Eastender for the reminder to Paste.

  bretsky 13:18 11 Oct 05

I've just been playing with this, create your rectangle then go to edit and choose "crop selection" and your new image is cropped, then go to file and save as.......I take it you just want to crop the image to a smaller size?
Or am I missing something?

bretsky ;0)

  Simsy 13:20 11 Oct 05

what you can try, for I think it will give what you want...

Open your pic in Irfanview

Make your rectangular selection

On the Edit menu choose "Crop Selection"

You can then save this with a new name.

I hope this helps,



  Simsy 13:21 11 Oct 05

my slow typing again!



  Sethhaniel 14:29 11 Oct 05

Cut or Copy your selected area - then Edit -Delete (clear display) note doesn't delete image
- then edit paste -
so no need to close irfanview ;)

  watchful 18:18 11 Oct 05

Thank you all for your suggestions and faster solutions to this :0)

There are always more ways than one of doing things with PCs.

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