irfanview batch needed...

  Magik ®© 10:43 06 Oct 05

hi, I have loads of folders with my photographs in, i want them all in one big folder, but they need to be renamed, because a lot have the same name, so i have opened Irfanview, batch conversion, batch rename, i made a folder on the desktop, for them all to go in...all still with me?.....I add all the folders including sub-folders, and click start...It ran through 32000 images, now for the problem,, about time i hear you cry...... each file had a message under it, saying.

"destination file already exists no overwrite."

and at the end the folder on the desktop was empty.
how can the destination file alrady exist, i have only just put it there.


  powerless 10:50 06 Oct 05

You have selected: "Batch Rename" under Work as:?

And not just have the file type selected?

  Magik ®© 11:06 06 Oct 05

hi,under name pattern i put "photos", file of type JPG, and the path to the folder..thanks

  Magik ®© 11:12 06 Oct 05

You have selected: "Batch Rename" under Work as:?

just put the dot in "batch rename"

  powerless 11:16 06 Oct 05

You need to tell irfanview the pattern you like so.


will name the all the images, photos and will give them a number photo_001, photo_002, etc.

But with 32000 images you will have to use photos_##### so you first image will be named:


  Magik ®© 11:25 06 Oct 05

what can one have cracked it, nice one, thanks very much, all sorted..

  pj123 11:57 06 Oct 05

In My Postings, thanks

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