IRDA wont install?

  bunny and ian 19:55 27 Apr 04

I ordered an IRDA from ebay (big mistake) and it arrived today.

I put the daft looking 3 inch disc in my drive and it whizzed then stopped so i clicked on the drive it was in and tried to open it.

The installer wasnt on the disc just the helpfiles and some i found the website and downloaded the installer from there.

When i opened the file it said files copied to pc, restart and insert IRDA in usb port......which i did.

On doing this nothing happened at all.....i have been through all the help files on my pc and cant seem to find how to sort this?

What im wondering is the IRDA faulty or is there a setting on my pc that i need to alter? (im running ME)

I have been fiddling around with this thing for seven odd hours and still cant get anywhere.

Would any of you have any ideas at all.......other than bin the thing

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