ircfast what is it ?

  Miros 12:03 14 Aug 07

Since yesterday I have now got ircfast as part of my Google search page, have no idea how it arrived unless came as part of the Epson printer scanner software I installed yesterday! It was quite a big installation and I just said yes to everything I was asked about.

Has anyone else experience of this? When I do a Google for I got info like "Ircfast is a program that claims to provide a service that scans URLs for malware."

Not sure that I want it or how to get shut of it.

  johndrew 12:05 14 Aug 07

Is it this click here?

  Miros 12:23 14 Aug 07

I think that's the same one, the home page is. click here

I don't think it's malicious, have done a virus scan and SpyBot search and destroy and nothing out of order showing as yet, but just don't like the idea of me not being in control of what's going on.

  Miros 15:18 14 Aug 07

Looks like something to do with Google but don't like it. Managed to get rid by unistalling and reinstalling.

Lost a few items in process will now need to try and get them back.

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