orangewhiteblue 08:22 04 Jun 04


My computer has picked up the above from somewhere. Since around the time that it has been on my main computer I have been unable to connect my networked computer to the internet, but the rest of the network still works, but more slowly.

AVG says after several attempts that it has healed it.

Does any one have any experience of this virus? Will it be fully cured? Could it be causing my network problems?


  BH34 11:00 04 Jun 04

Try this click here

  rawprawn 11:22 04 Jun 04

If it still exists in the registry you can clear it out as follows. Start/Run type regedit/enter/ highlight My Computer/click Edit/ Find/ type IRC/BackDoor.SdBot.25.AB' /click find next /Delete any thing shown with that name Do not touch anything else/ click find next and continue until no more are shown. Make a backup of your registry before taking this action in case of any mistakes.

  orangewhiteblue 11:47 04 Jun 04

Thanks for the advice. The McAfee Stinger did the job. AVG said it had healed it but the Stinger seems to have completely removed it and from areas which AVG hadn't found it.

Thanks again

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