IPstream or Datastream

  Laser157 15:21 01 Aug 04

Can anyone advise me if I can determine whether my 512 BB service is provided using IPstream of Datastream and if so how? (Other than by asking the ISP)

  Daveboy 17:16 01 Aug 04

If your service is via a BT adsl circuit change your log username to [email protected]_domain (no password needed). If you are I.P you will connect (but you cant surf) if datastream you will not connect.

  Laser157 17:43 01 Aug 04

Thanks Daveboy. I tried this and it look as though I'm on Datastream which is a pain as I want to migrate to an ISP using IP. I think I started on IP. Can ISP's move you to datastream without telling you? It seem anti-competitive to me if it makes it impossible to migrate.

  Laser157 17:51 01 Aug 04


I made up a new connection for this test and it did then connect so I seem to be on IP after all.

Thanks again Daveboy.

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