ipod wont play in itunes

  Alf58 23:12 23 May 09

I have an Ipod Shuffle (second generation, it works perfectly through headphones but it has suddenly developed a problem with Itunes. Although it appears in Itunes and all its contents are listed, when they are clicked they will not play. Secondly, if I try to move a song from another platylist in itunes onto the ipod I can no longer do it. I guess it is a sync problem. I know I could reset the Ipod but I would lose all the songs a number of which are not backed up. I will do this as a last resort if no one has any other solution. I have reinstalled Itunes but it made no difference.

  Alf58 01:27 24 May 09

Well I have restored the Ipod to factory settings but it still wont play in I tunes and wont let me copy new music to it. I'm delighted as you can imagine!

  Alf58 11:04 24 May 09

Anyone got any bright ideas?

  Alf58 13:41 24 May 09

Clearly not

  six-h 14:54 24 May 09

Alf58 I'm no expert, but maybe try here:
click here

  Alf58 17:07 24 May 09

Thanks for your response. The article is interesting but ultimately not relevant to my problem. My Ipod is working fine it is just that it is having problems working with Itunes.

  john bunyan 18:19 24 May 09

Assumimg your iTunes installation is ok (can you test it with another iPod?) Then I always prefer to synch manually as My wife and I have a Classic, and our grandchildren have a Nano and a Classic with differing music tastes. We have twi separate libraries. Then if you go to iTunesthe "edit" then "Preferences" then "Devices" then tick the box "disable automatic synchimg..."
Then you can create your playlists etc in iTunes and synch when ready. I assume your actual iTunes music is backed up (hopefully on another drive) but in any case you should not lose music. If you have some tunes only on the iPod not on the PC you could use six-h link to treat iPod as an external drive and download them to the PC first.
I do not play iTunes from the iPod on the PC - but the tunes obviously should play on the PC with no iPod connected. Not sure if I fully understand the problem!

  six-h 18:31 24 May 09

Alf58, sorry, the link was not intended to be to a specific problem, but to point you at the forum generally.
As I say, I'm not an "iPod'er" myself!

  Miké 21:20 24 May 09

As far as I know you cannot play files on the Ipod directly in iTunes! Certainly the three ipods that I own won't anyway.

  Alf58 00:42 25 May 09

I thank you for your reply.

Up until recently all my ipod music could be played on my pc if the ipod was connnected but now for some reason it wont.Also when I click on a file in Itunes the option to copy to Ipod no longer exists. I have reinstalled Itunes and restored Ipod to factory settings but the problem persists.

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