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  norrisnovice 02 May 11

i have had to get a new laptop due to to my old one dying on me all my girlfriends music in her tunes library is on the old laptop i have downloaded tunes to my new laptop but i am concerned if i plug her touch pod in to the new laptop it will wipe all her music and photos from her touch pod i have had to wipe the hard disc of the old pc so no chance of getting anything of it so is it now impossible to sync with tunes without losing all he rmusic and photos etc

  gengiscant 02 May 11

I use this http://www.copytrans.net/ but you might want to think about backing up your itunes folder in the future, then it is simplicity to transfer everything, tunes,photos,films and apps.

  onthelimit1 02 May 11

Some suggestions here link text

  gengiscant 02 May 11
  norrisnovice 02 May 11

thank you all for your advice can i just please clarify what i do here i download this program then is it just a matter of following instructions ie at some stage i assume i have to plug pod into new laptop and this program will transfer them to my new tunes download and i dont need the old lap top to achieve this would this procedure also apply to my i pad whilst i have no music on this i need to delete some photos thanks once again

  gengiscant 02 May 11

In your new itunes turn off auto sync, here's how:

  1. Before you plug the iPhone or iPod into the computer, go to iTunes.
  2. On a PC, go to Edit -> Settings -> Devices
  3. In the pop up window, look for the icon or tab that says Devices. Choose it.
  4. Just below the box, you’ll see a checkbox reading "Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically."
  5. Check it and click OK at the bottom of the window.

Auto-sync is now turned off and you’re safe to plug your iPod or iPhone into the computer.

You do not mention which of the suggestions you are going to be using, with copytrans just follow the instructions.


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