IPod Touch 4 docking convertor

  Macnut 24 Mar 12

I have bought a yamaha crx550bl Micro HIFi. The manual says I need an IPod Touch 4 docking convertor. But I cannot find where to buy one, or what it is. Can any one help?

  KRONOS the First 24 Mar 12

Something like this perhaps? Ipod convert.

  john bunyan 24 Mar 12

Or this:


A local Apple store would have them or maybe Currys

  KRONOS the First 24 Mar 12

john bunyan

Is your link not the same as mine?

  john bunyan 24 Mar 12

Chronus Sorry if it was but we were 2 mins apart and yours showed as "Ipod convert". I did not open it. Incidentally how is that done - ie the words written actally refer to the link?

  KRONOS the First 24 Mar 12

john bunyan

PCA in their wisdom decided to make it a little more complicated when posting links and did not think it necessary to sticky the instructions at the top of the forums. You are certainly not the first to ask the question how to post a link correctly and will not be the last.

If you click on the blue globe top left of the message box a box will appear where you can enter your link, this usually means making sure that the HTTP:// that is already there is cleared. then click OK,you will see Enter link description here highlighted in blue, put what you want there. Job done.

  john bunyan 24 Mar 12

Chronus Thanks for the tip / help. I had not spotted this before!!


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