ipod itunes

  stephen0205 11:51 31 Jul 05

i recently bought an ipod but itunes is crap it takes ages amd im wondering if there is any other software or andy way to spped this up

  Kate B 13:23 31 Jul 05

Why do you think iTunes is rubbish? It's a lovely, elegant piece of software.

There are various third-party apps, though you'll have to pay for them. I quite like Xplay, which you can find at click here. I haven't tried Ephpod but that has had good user reviews - Google for it, don't have the link to hand.

  GibsonSt19 18:50 31 Jul 05

What spec system are you running it on?

I have iTunes on my 1.6ghz AMD Sempron laptop, with 512mb ram, dealing with an approx 5,000 tune library. It runs absolutely fine, with no slowdown or anything else considered bad.

  Bingalau 20:51 31 Jul 05

I only got onto itunes about a week ago and I am delighted with it. I have already transferred over two thousand of my C.D.'s to the library with no problems and I have burned chosen tunes from the library to C.D.'s for use in the car, also with no problems. I find it extremely easy to use. Now I am seriously considering buying an ipod. Mind you I was brought up on Reel-to-Reel recorders, so I find this modern stuff a doddle once I get the hang of it. Bingalau

  stephen0205 14:24 01 Aug 05

it took my pc over 2 and a half hours to put 12 albums into the libary and 2 secs to put to the ipod but putting cds on my pc is slow.my pc has 512mb memory and a 2500amd has no problems .

  Trilby2 17:20 01 Aug 05

I too bought an a Hipod recently 20 gb, my problem is that I can only transfer 516 tunes on to it approx. 3.6 gb., I have twice as much on my Comp. but no matter what I attempt it will not accept any more. I have been intouch with Apple but no answer as yet, any ideas?


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