ipod 20 gb

  GarregWen 13:09 26 Dec 03

Just got a new ipod for christmas, friend charged it to 80% power capacity,i-pod working ok, and then tried to restore or update software through the i-pod program,now i-pod will not awake from sleep or charge. Although could not awake it, there was a slight noise coming from it.Left it for apProx 24 hours as advised from Apple Support website. Cannot re-awake.

Any suggestions please?

  matt1234 07:54 27 Dec 03

no expert on ipods but they are not very versitile is it possible to run the battery down because it might reset it! But my friend has one of these things and aparently you have to charge it for 16hrs+ also try charging it for 24hrs even if it says its not it may be charging it!

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