iPlayer question re screen size.

  onthelimit1 23 May 12

I've used the BBC and ITV versions on my PC for a while - thought I'd try linking Samsung netbook to the main 32in LCD TV using VGA ( the only connection the Sammy has).

The normal desktop fills the screen, but when I play a TV prog on iPlayer on full screen, there is a wide black band top and bottom, making the picture look wide and thin. I've played around with the Samsung's resolution to no avail. Is it 'just the way it is', or is there anything I can do, please.

  lotvic 23 May 12

Found this that seems to suggest it is the screen resolution, but don't know how you would apply that to the tv screen.

  Woolwell 23 May 12

Have you tried the TV's settings whilst watching iPlayer?

  onthelimit1 24 May 12

Thanks both - the Evesham TV manual states that PC resolution has to be changed to adjust screen view - the usual 'wide' etc is inhibited in PC mode. I've tried modifying the Laptop resolution, but the screen just says 'unknown format. Think I'm stuck with it!

  rdave13 24 May 12

Have a look at this thread.

  onthelimit1 24 May 12

Thanks rdave - tried various suggestions, but still the same , so will accept it for now.

  Woolwell 24 May 12

Just a thought are you running the TV as a clone of the desktop or as an extended desktop?


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