IPC laptop cmos

  Jaynedoe 14:08 29 Sep 07

Hi Guys
the lad has an IPC WebBook laptop. The other day when he went to boot it it came up with...Warning CMOS checksum invalid, run SCU. I took it to a friend who said the cmos battery had died and so the cmos had lost its information on how to boot the laptop. Now being adventurous I have taken the top off the laptop including the copper thingy and the HD but I cant see the cmos battery at all. Im presuming its a big round one like what jake gave me but I cant see it at all. I havent taken the bottom off as that looks complicated but the top came off easy with 4 screws under the keyboard. Anyone have any ideas where it is please or even if there is one? I have searched the internet but cant find any info on IPC laptops at all other then they are for sale on ebay. Thanks

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