IP Translator

  Ken Ju-On 08:42 24 Jul 03

Does anyone know where I can get a program to translate numeric IPs? For example, from "" to "click here"?

  -pops- 08:50 24 Jul 03
  Ken Ju-On 09:19 24 Jul 03

Thanks, Pops.

I also found click here which contains more tools but less articles.

Do you know any non web-based tools I can download and use on my computer? So that I don't have to fire up a browser every time I want to resolve a hostname.

  Ken Ju-On 09:20 24 Jul 03

(by the way, how can I prevent URLs I type here from turning into "click here"?) :D

  -pops- 09:22 24 Jul 03

A non-web based one is not feasible. Imagine the size of the data base!

I believe that the programs work on a dynamic basis and don't have a fixed reference file, they consult new every time.

  -pops- 09:23 24 Jul 03

To stop click heres becoming click heres, put a space before or after the @.

As a point of interest, why do you want to resolve so many host names? It's something I do only very rarely, if at all.


  Ken Ju-On 09:46 24 Jul 03

Oh yes, Brian, the DNS lookup works on a dynamic basis. I was unaware of that! :D

I thought there was an algorithm that could be used to convert DNS addresses.

I'm just resolving hostnames for the fun of it. Never ever done it before and it seems interesting. How I got into it, is that I downloaded EtherDetect, a packet sniffer, from click here. (By the way how do you prevent URLs from turning into click heres, since they got no @ symbol?) To capture and analyze the traffic travelling across my network was interesting. No malicious intent to steal passwords or anything; just doing it cos it's interesting.

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