IP Address and remote access?

  AMD 4 ever 22:57 07 Jan 03
  AMD 4 ever 22:57 07 Jan 03

Hi all,

My friend has given me his static IP address so I can help him out over the net to sort out his probs, is there a simple way to do this or will it require some software to be installed etc.

We appreciate this leaves him open to attack while i'm on his C: but this is are only resource failing short of travelling round the M25.

Both are on XP.

Any ideas?

  mosie 23:13 07 Jan 03

It depends which version of Xp ur friend is using. XP Pro allows remote access (found in control panel) and allows u to use his computer as it were in front of u. Remote assitance is found in windows messenger and works in the home edition i think.

  Andÿ 23:14 07 Jan 03

Use 'Remote Desktop'

Right click 'My Computer' (or double click system in control panel) > On the 'Remote' tab> tick the boxes you need and click 'learn more about remote desktop' to see how to use it :o)

  Andÿ 23:15 07 Jan 03

Mmh never thought about XP Home, does XP Home have 'Remote Desktop'????

  VoG™ 23:19 07 Jan 03

Yep, "Remote Assistance" buried in Start, All Programs, Accessories/System Tools.

Never tried it though -no friends :(

  Andÿ 23:23 07 Jan 03

You could always pretend we're friends and let me route around your C: drive :o)))))) LOL

  mosie 23:24 07 Jan 03

Remote assistance is not the same as remote desktop. Desktop allows u to control and access the pc as u were sitting in front of it. Assistance allows u to see whats happening on the other computer but u have no way to control or access the remote computer

  jazzypop 23:27 07 Jan 03

I have found Symantec's PcAnywhere program to be absolutely ideal for this. You can set a whole slew of security levels to avoid uninvited guests, and there is no need for the C: drive to be shared (which is a significant risk).

You can take complete control of the other person's PC, and they can cut you off whenever / if ever they feel uncomfortable with what is happening.

Highly recommended.

  VoG™ 23:27 07 Jan 03

Thanks for the clarification.

  Andÿ 23:31 07 Jan 03

Found this info :o)

Remote Assistance is included with both Windows XP Pro and Home Edition. Remote Desktop is NOT included with XP Home, but does come with XP Pro.

Remote Assistance requires Windows XP Pro/Home to communicate with another XP Pro/Home system (it will not work with Macintosh or Windows 9x). Both systems must have Windows Messenger installed (installed by default).

Using Remote Assistance click here

Using Remote Desktop click here

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