IP address - how ofen do they change???

  The Dazza 21:04 04 Sep 09

Does anyone know how often Virgin media change their IP addresses? I have a wi fi router and was wondering also can you manually change it?

I know some genius will know...

  Jak_1 21:11 04 Sep 09

It all depends upon whether or not you have a static or a dynamic ip address. If you have an adsl line then you will have a dynamic address, I think isp's tend to change them every 24 hours even if you are connected 24/7 but don't quote me on that one. You can change a dynamic ip address simply by going offline and then connecting again.
If it is Virgin cable then you may have a static ip address, if that is the case you can not change it yourself.

  Quiller. 21:13 04 Sep 09

static IP address. So it remains the same.

You could try switching off the modem or router for a couple of hours and then check to see if it is the same address.

Is it a cable or phone line connection.

  Quiller. 21:13 04 Sep 09

cross posting ;-)

  The Dazza 21:14 04 Sep 09

it is Virgin cable. Just for curiosity (because I'm moving) non cable (BT)I think that's ADSL because you can't get cable where i'm moving to- does that sound right?

  Quiller. 21:18 04 Sep 09

Virgin cable will be a static IP and you can not change it.

You should be able to change with an ADSL line. Just switch off for a while and your ISP will allocate a new IP address.

  Forum Editor 23:57 04 Sep 09

do not have static IP addresses - they are all dynamically assigned, and will probably have a lease time of around 14 days. This means that the addresses will change dynamically every couple of weeks or so. You would be very unlikely to get a static address - there just aren't enough to go round. ISPs are allocated blocks of addresses, and by managing them dynamically they need fewer numbers. The exponential growth of the internet has meant that available IP addresses are rapidly used up, and a new addressing system was devised in 1995. This will enable huge numbers of extra addresses to be allocated.

There are no advantages to having a static IP address unless you are running a web server from home, and that's not something that most people are ever likely to do.

IP addressing is a highly complex subject, and there isn't room to do it justice here. Suffice it to say that for the vast majority of ordinary internet users it's not something that should ever be a concern.

  The Dazza 13:13 05 Sep 09

would the router and modem need to be switched off every day for 14 days for the IP address to change? I want to change it and I currently keep it on 24/7

  Batch 15:32 05 Sep 09

I with UKonline and have been for about 4 years. Although contractually I'm not entitled to a static IP address, apart from a short time when I first signed up with them, the IP address has been the same (but as it isn't a contractual obligation on their part, I cannot rely on it).

Normally you pay extra for a static IP address because it is not then part of a pool that is potentially avilable for re-use by others and also static IP addresses inherently support the end user acting as a webserver (and so traffic levels could be higher).

  mark2 17:38 05 Sep 09

I'm with virgin media cable and looking at my results on speedtest.net I have had my current ip address since before Jan 2008

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