IP Address change and loss of connection

  markcomp 15:50 18 Feb 06

I have a slightly loose interenet cable and so when from time to time it comes lose and then Zone alarm tells me on re-connection that there is a new conncetion and should i allow it into the trusted zone. The IP number starts 192.*** etc.
My wife switched on the computer this morning and ZA stated New Network found, but the IP address started 169.*** etc. From memory this seemed odd so I opted to keep it in the internet zone. Since then I have been unable to get on line. I tried IPCONFIG and got the 169.*** etc address up so a little confused I tried a system restoer to the 16th and ZA came up wityh the same question and IP address.
A little additional info, yeseterday I picked up a virus from a site about cocktails - you've been warned! Zone alarm successfully quaranteened - cause or co-incidence.
I am now a little paranoid and do not know if 168.*** etc is OK and my memory is faulty or can a virus shange an IP address>>>>>>>>>>>>>>////???

  keewaa 16:42 18 Feb 06

169.254. is used when the PC can't access DHCP and get a proper IP. You say the internet cable is lose ... which cable, is it from PC to a router? If so i would say this lose cable is the problem ... bin it and get a new one.

Of course the fact you got a virus may also be the cause but I'd say the lose cable was prime suspect.

  markcomp 19:08 18 Feb 06

Problem solved, altho' I needed to change the router port i was using. So maybe a problem there or I just disturbed the connection. thanks also for the tip re 169.254 IP address

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