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  hgrock 09:21 09 Jan 03
  hgrock 09:21 09 Jan 03

I have a dial up connection with freeserve, OS is xp home, i need to know my IP Address, couod someone please tell me how to find that out in XP, this is a stand alone PC

  Lú-tzé 09:27 09 Jan 03

click here

click here

Both sites giv eip address.

  siarad 09:27 09 Jan 03

Don't know XP & your IP ad. will change. Try running WINIPCFG it's the W98 program that gives it

  Lú-tzé 09:28 09 Jan 03

PS - with most dial up, ip address changes each time you connect.

  MAJ 09:30 09 Jan 03

Go to "Command Prompt" and type IPCONFIG. Hit return and you'll get it.

  ADH 10:16 09 Jan 03

Certainly with freeserve (and just about all dialups), your IP addy is dynamic, i.e., different each time you connect - simply because there aren't enough IP addresses for everyone!

Not too surprising now that some fridges and bus stops have IP addresses...

  hgrock 15:43 09 Jan 03

Lú-tzé, i tried that ipchicken on two different machines and it gave the same ip address for both it would appear that is the only address it can find, yet ehen i ran ipconfig form the command propmt i got something else, norton says no unopened ports, ipchicken says there are. has anyone else tried this chicken or is it a turky, (just a joke here)

  Squall 15:54 09 Jan 03

Open a command window and type ipconfig

This will give you the ip addresses of any adapters that you have installed and connected on your machine.

ipconfig /all will give you more details, including your current DNS servers etc

  Pilch.... 17:59 09 Jan 03

not sure if it would work or not, but yoy can double click on the connection icon in the bottom, and you should i think be able to find your address that way...

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 18:02 09 Jan 03

Open netmeeting click help about and ip addy at bottom.

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