ip address`

  hollywogs 21:51 24 Oct 07

I am connected to bt broadband wireless but for some reason for the past week I am unable to connect wireless, I have to use the internet cable. I have spoken to BT who said I need to change my wireless ip address. At the moment it starts with 169.254 but she said it should start with 192. Is anyone able to help me as I do not have a clue how to change it.

  howard64 21:59 24 Oct 07

this sounds like the set up info you have to put in has become garbled. The bt hub should have an instruction set up manual. You may have to run the setup cd again and input the info as on your original letter from bt.

  T0SH 22:10 24 Oct 07

On the wireless connecting PC right click on the connected icon in the system tray beside the clock choose "Repair" from the menu and wait a few seconds if this action reports a failure download and run the winsock fix from here

click here

then reboot and try to connect again

Cheers HC

  mammak 22:15 24 Oct 07

169.254 ip address suggests that Windows has allocated you an ip address as howard64 suggests run you BT cd again!

you should have an ip address such as or much the same good luck.

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