IP Address

  Madrat 01:14 25 Mar 06

I know ther is a static IP addy and one that changes every time you log on but I have just upgraded my Pipex account to 2mb (no extra charge) and I could chose between a Single dynamip of a single static IP addy. the dynamic was free so I had that but if its one that changes whay is it listed as single. Bit confused now.

  Djohn 01:39 25 Mar 06

They mean you can have one IP address, either dynamic or static. If you choose dynamic, it may change each time you connect, or may stay the same for quite some time, but it is dynamic and can change.

If you choose static, it will always remain the same for as long as your with that ISP. One reason why they charge for it. My provider does not and in fact gives 8 static IP's free of charge.

So you can have a single static, or dynamic, or a block of fixed [Static] addresses, or a block of dynamic addresses.

There are some advantages with static, that is why most providers charge extra for it, but for most users, a dynamic is just as good.

  Madrat 15:21 25 Mar 06

Thank you

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