Iomega Zip Drive

  GBL 12:58 28 Mar 04

I hav ebeen looking at Iomega Zip drives and see that some come complete with power supply yet they are USB connection.

I am confused as I thpought that with USB there was no need for additional power.

I can't find the answer on their web site,does anyone know??

  jimv7 13:01 28 Mar 04

Some usb items require more power than the motherboard can supply, hence their own power supply.

  GBL 13:55 28 Mar 04

It is just that some Zip drives come without additional power supply and some do. So are they different?? albeit doing exactly the same thing??

  Belatucadrus 14:33 28 Mar 04

The ZIP 250 gets its power via the USB slot, the 750 and 100 don't. click here

  GBL 15:01 28 Mar 04

Sorry to disagree as I already have one Zip drive which works entirely from the USB, hence my query about those with a power supply as well as the USB connection.

  Inverjazz 15:19 28 Mar 04

I have a 100MB USB ZIP drive, with power supply, which I used on my laptop. As mentioned, it all depends on the power available from the PC via its USB socket. Perhaps drives with a very low power consumption have been recently introduced, which would enable them to be used in this way.

  arricarry 15:27 28 Mar 04

Hello - the USB powered Zip is different from the Zip ordinaire as like it says on the box its USB powered.

  arricarry 15:37 28 Mar 04

If it comes with a power supply plug it in, probably cuts off USB requirement if ypu do that.

  GBL 15:39 28 Mar 04

OK thanks for the input, I think Iunderstand it now.

  Forum Editor 16:08 28 Mar 04

powered via the USB port or from their own transformer - there's no difference in the way they operate.

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