Invalid Windows XP Pro

  JoanSims 22:00 04 Oct 07

Hello.. Seemingly I have an invalid copy of XP pro and Microsoft are asking £95 to legitemise it.I find that a bit steep personally, considering that Vista is now fairly long in the tooth already.Anybody got any ideas how I can purchase a bone fide copy more cheaply... regards JoanSims

  C3 22:09 04 Oct 07

You could hunt out an OEM copy. They're probably cheaper than that. You'll probably need to buy some hardware to go with it as well though as OEM copies of XP aren't allowed to be sold on their own.

  Strawballs 22:33 04 Oct 07
  beeuuem 22:43 04 Oct 07

Or even click here with free delivery option

  Strawballs 22:49 04 Oct 07

That's even better but I don't entirely agree with their minimum requirements on proccesor and especially memory 64meg ram for xp that would be like trying to drive a range rover with a Reliant Regal engine in it!!!

  birdface 09:46 05 Oct 07

Sometimes Microsoft get it wrong And tell you that you have an invalid copy of XP Pro installed when in fact your coppy may be genuine.Do you have an XP disc with the keycode on it.Or on the side of your computer do you have a COA sticker with the keycode on it.

  birdface 09:15 06 Oct 07

May be worth looking here

  JoanSims 21:43 06 Oct 07

Thanks for that.I might as well upgrade to Vista at the same time had'nt I??.It's not much more on Ebuyer...

  lotvic 01:19 07 Oct 07

Don't get Vista unless you are absolutely sure that you can get all the drivers you need - printer and other stuff you have

and make sure that your pc & hardware is able to handle Vista

  ambra4 02:01 07 Oct 07

Go to this site and download and run on computer

click here

  ambra4 02:01 07 Oct 07

Go to this site and download and run on computer

click here

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