Invalid product key?

  simonsup 12 Oct 11

Hi just upgraded to a new harddrive, did a clean install but got stuck at the productkey, it says invalid product key?? on win 7 home 64 bit. Its a real windows 7 dvd. Im stuck cant install windows on my new drive :(

  northumbria61 12 Oct 11
  Sea Urchin 12 Oct 11

Are you using the key on the disk? You should be using the key that is on your computer - underneath a laptop or on the side or back of a desktop.

  rdave13 12 Oct 11

If it's an upgrade disc see option four Double installing Windows 7

  spuds 12 Oct 11

The link provided above appears to have the answers, but are you trying to install on a 'full' or 'oem' installation?.

  johnathann 12 Oct 11

If yours is the Genuine one. You will not get such problems. Have you given your key to some one else. The better way is to call the customer care of Microsoft and tell your problem.

  proudfoot 12 Oct 11

This post does not help simonsup.

I have checked the sticker on the case of my HP Pavillion with the result shown in Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder and they are different.

I don't have a disk only a Factory Image on my hard drive and the 2 discs made on first bootup.

I did a restore to my Factory Image some months ago but cannot recall whether I had to put in the Product Key or not.

  lotvic 12 Oct 11

romanby1, that is normal. The large manufacturers OEM pre-activated at factory product key is different to the key sticker on casing. If you did a back to Factory fresh restore no key input is needed.

simonsup, maybe you did not enter the key correctly, it is very easy to confuse a 0 (zero) with the letter O and a B with an 8. Have you tried it again?

Do you have a Retail Copy of the DVD and did it come properly packaged? there should have been a 32bit DVD as well as the 64bit (so you can choose which one you want) and they both work with the same key.


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