Intrusive dial-up dialog box

  brianthelion 18:48 31 Jul 04

Windows 98se, Office 2000 - every time I go to open a new Office document I get a dial-up networking dialog box inviting me to make a connection. I "X" this box out (because I don't have broad band), but it happens another six times until the dialog box finally goes away and the document opens. Help!

  woodchip 18:53 31 Jul 04

It as got to be a setting in Office, trying to update itself or something like that

  jol 19:23 31 Jul 04

I have similar problem unresolved but the dialogue box appears when PC boots up and will not go away Help!

  citadel 22:34 31 Jul 04

right ckick explorer icon, properties, connections, tick box never dial a connection.

  brianthelion 22:54 31 Jul 04

Thanks - it worked. What a relief! Maybe it would help Jol too?

  end 22:55 31 Jul 04

??is Norton Antivirus on your computer (just an idea..and has the above suggestion "solved it" , if not then it COULD be Norton( I said "could "!!))

  end 23:12 31 Jul 04

ah...but what happened when you rebooted?? did it pop-up then or is it gone??

  brianthelion 08:31 03 Aug 04

Yes - it has gone, gone, gone!

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