Intrusions on website

  Diemmess 10:43 17 Apr 07

I'm still a beginner, but have responsibility for this website.
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'Tis a poor thing but mine own' and while I know its not posh, I can and do update fairly easily nowadays.
Twice over several months there have been intrusions from some advertising which have disappeared once I republished the whole site.
I check that all is well most days, but after a lapse of a few days I just noted financial links plastered across the bottom of the home page.

I hope that by republishing I will have cleared
the intrusion, but it ususally takes several hours before the changes are visible to me.
This should be a read-only site with no ads.

1) Would some kind soul check the home page for me?

2) Should I complain to the Hosting company?

3) Any ideas which might prevent a recurrence?

  AndySD 15:31 17 Apr 07

How many other people can log into the website, If its just you then try changing your login password and see if the problem still happens.

  Forum Editor 19:26 17 Apr 07

and it's fine, certainly not 'a poor thing'.

There are no ads visible now, and the homepage is saying it was last updated on 4th April.

Who is hosting the site for you?

  Diemmess 08:59 18 Apr 07

A few answers to your questions -
This has only happened twice in about a year.

EUKHOST are hosting the site, and I use their cheapest tariff -(copper)

When I republished I sent the whole thing as-is, without alteration since 4/4/07 so the date belongs to when the last significant changes were made.

EukHost's support 'live chat' was not available yesterday afternoon, and their 0800 number responded with an engaged tone and then a cutoff, (extended Easter perhaps)?
I was not so steamed up by that point, so didn't try again.

Today (18th) my site is clean.

In spite of using CCleaner and being sure caches are empty, I seem to be the last one to be able to see any changes I have made.

I had this reply prepared last night... and then the PCA site threw a wobbly!

Will leave things open for a day or so in case anyone wants to write something more.

Thanks again,


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