intruding computer logged into my router

  rfred 14:34 13 Sep 06

I have a Belkin ADSL Modem with Built-In Wireless Router. I have just discovered another computer on its' LAN/DHCP List.
It gives an IP address, a Host Name and a MAC Address.
How can I remove this intruding computer from my network?
Or how can I permamently block him from using my router?


  ade.h 14:39 13 Sep 06

How about securing your router???? click here and follow my advice. please bear in mind my comment at the top about variations in interface layout, but I'm sure that you will be able to work out any differences.

  rfred 15:10 13 Sep 06

I have done all I can to secure my network but how do i know if the computer that was logged into my network before these configurations is unable to use my router as he still appears on my DHCP Client list.


  ade.h 15:16 13 Sep 06

It will still appear on the list and always will. Belkin's DHCP Client list shows present and previous clients. It leaves it up to you to ascertain whether that client is currently connected.

  ade.h 15:19 13 Sep 06

Check the "Block Computer" checkbox if you want to, but I wouldn't worry about it if your security is up to the standard prescribed on my website.

  rsinbad 20:49 13 Sep 06

as ade.h says if your security is up to scratch you shouldn't get any intruders. If you are still concerned about intruders, then download air snare. a free utillity which will instantly alert you of an unauthourised access.
click here

  rfred 12:10 14 Sep 06

How do know if the other computer is or is not connected?

thanks for all the help, it is just the above, how do I know? that keeps on nagging,


  ade.h 14:42 14 Sep 06

Check your MAC filtering list, change the PSK and the login password. You should perform the last two steps occasionally anyway.

  rsinbad 16:52 14 Sep 06

like i said if it really bothers you download air snare.
||When it starts it will pick up all mac addresses with a balloon and audible voice saying unauthorised access detected.

Mark all your mac addresses as freindly ie your router and anyone on your network. It runs in the background you will get an imediate warning should an outsider try and access your network.

Having said that its never picked up anything except when i tested it with someone elses laptop and yes got an imediate audible warning of an intruder.

  rfred 20:30 14 Sep 06

Problem resolved! I hope!

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