Internet/Office/Game optimisation

  John_M 18:53 20 Apr 03

I am thinking of upgrading/replacing Win98 for either Win2000 or XP. However before i do this i was wondering whether it would be appropriate to configure my system to Start up either as "Internet" or "Office" ready. I have experience problems in the were by, music does not play well (jumpy/sluggish) when i am surfin. I suspect this may be due to all the rubbish i have installed/uninstalled over the years. Or maybe the IRQ settings are not setup correct (even though no errors are reported).
My question is, how can i set up my system so that it can be optimised for either Internet or Games or Office etc.., say depending on the User Profile, will they use the same Register what make them different?

Many thanks in advance for any advice

  AndySD 21:05 20 Apr 03

A presonal opinion....but go for XP rather then 2000. As for setting the pc up for Internet, Office or Game. Internet or office will not realy affect a modern PC. If you tweak it for gaming yiy will have no problems with the other two.

As for setting it before you upgrade (and from the sound of it you would be better with a clean install) don't bother you will have to do it again after the install.

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