Internet(ish) Question

  Tonycablejr 10:16 18 May 05

my phone (sony ericsson k500i) can connect to the internet using a GPRS connection.
i can connect my phone to my computer by using an infrared connection.

my question is can i use the infrared connection on to use the GPRS connection to connect to the internet on my computer?

i have tried the internet connection wizard and set up an infrared dial up connection but it says a connection cannot be established??

oh and i'm not worried about the speed of connection between these to mediums either, just wanna get it working!!!

i've tried o2's software but my phone is not supported and i have tried sony's mobile nwtworking software, but it dials to my phone rather than using my current GPRS connection (which is what i'm after)

any ideas??


  mgmcc 17:12 18 May 05

Did the phone not come with a software CD that lets you install the phone as a modem in a PC?

It is certainly possible to use a mobile phone to connect a PC to the internet using either GSM dialup or GPRS - I can do it with my Nokia 6310i, but I do so either with a serial cable or Bluetooth, I haven't used Infrared.

The number to "dial" to create a GPRS connection is normally *99# and you may have to enter a modem initialisation string in the PC's settings of:


INCLUDING the "inverted commas"!

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