Internet off when phone call ends

  AJ28 23:49 01 Sep 05

Suddenly, with no logical explanation this has started happening.....

When a phone rings, or when a phone call is made, internet stays on.... then when the call is ended, suddenly im disconected? Now this has now been happening a while, and gets very annoying...

I have BT broadband, with a wireless connection router running...

A friend said maybe it has something to do with the phone and broadband both on the same line... so when the phone ends... the internet ends?

  johnnyrocker 00:00 02 Sep 05

nah talkin crap your friend strongly suspect filter probs try swapping them round.


  AJ28 00:31 02 Sep 05

where and how many filters are ment to be on?

  Monoux 08:01 02 Sep 05

You should have a filter on each phone socket to which a phone / fax etc is connected. The filter plugs into the wall or extension socket and then your phone into one part and ADSL line into the other. If you have no filters this is probably why the phone hang up disconnects the internet too.

  Monoux 08:05 02 Sep 05

if you google for "ADSL filters" loads of info / advice will come up

  Stuartli 10:34 02 Sep 05

>> A friend said maybe it has something to do with the phone and broadband both on the same line..>>

How on earth would it arrive any other way?

The splitter aspect is the most likely but you should also check IE's Connections tab and ensure that "Disconnect if no longer needed" is not enabled and that the time limit is disabled.

  AJ28 14:31 02 Sep 05

i have one filter coming out the wall which has the connection to the router.....

we have recently got new wireless house phones so there is only one connection to the phone line..... so do i need a filter going into that?

  Stuartli 14:52 02 Sep 05


Once the splitter is in place at any of your sockets you can run phones, answerphones and double adapters after it.

My Master socket has one splitter from which a 10m ADSL data cable runs directly to the computer system under the carpets, whilst a phone adapter fitted in the splitter's phone socket houses a telephone extension cable ending in a double adapter. This is used for the cordless phone and answering machine.

However you do need a splitter for each other phone output (extensions, fax machines etc) otherwise you will/may well get interference on that particular phone.

  dave_and_confused 14:54 02 Sep 05

As stated above you need a filter on ALL items plugged into your phone line. Phones, faxes, PS2, modems etc

If the router is plugged into one socket and the phone the phone another then you need to put a filter on the phone too.

  AJ28 15:00 02 Sep 05

thanx for the advice.... ill try experimenting with the filters

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