internet urls etc. in Italic writing

  Andy.F. 00:18 19 Jan 04

Hi everyone.. my computer seems to have developed an anoying fault.....when I go to the sign on screen on AOL my name etc. has now become italic. All the urls are in italic..even the title to this question.....all the links to a search in Google are likewise. AdAware 6 reports nothing and a scan with up to date AVG reports nothing as well. Has anyone any idea how to get rid of these italics please.....thankyou very much folks...Andy.

  Pesala 00:23 19 Jan 04

Have you perhaps deleted some vital fonts like Verdana?

  Andy.F. 00:29 19 Jan 04

No Pesala...not that I know of. the verdana font is still there m'friend.

  hugh-265156 00:36 19 Jan 04

try opening up internet explorer

click tools/internet options and click fonts at the bottom

try lanuage script "latin based" web page "new times roman" plain text "coruier new"

or something you like the look of.

  Andy.F. 00:43 19 Jan 04

That's excactly as it is m'friend...still damned italic...all settings on AOL are correct as well.

  Djohn 00:59 19 Jan 04

Andy.F.. Is it just through AOL or all programs? If just through AOL then at the top of the AOL screen, click on "Settings/Preferences", then Fonts/Text/Graphics. You have probably set "Italic" in there.

  Andy.F. 01:06 19 Jan 04

sorry m'friend....that's not it...all the programs such as AdAware and Fixit utilities seem to be the same. Going over to explorer is's damned anoying whatever's causing it. cheers.Andy

  Djohn 01:16 19 Jan 04

Strange one this Andy.F. If your using XP then a restore point would probably be the best idea. Restore to the last date that the system was working as it should.

Start/All programs/Accessories/System tools/Restore point and follow the instructions to restore. Pick a date that you know everything was OK. j.

  Andy.F. 01:24 19 Jan 04

sorry Djohn, I use w.98 but I use Fixit Utilities to restore to a point when all was well...This I did and it was ok but came back again.....all I've done that I can remember was install media player 7 as I've used the old one for ages. Fixit shows all is well......ach, I'll off to bed and see if anyone has had any ideas on this on the morn...thanks m'friend...Andy

  hugh-265156 01:44 19 Jan 04

very strange Andy.F. not sure what to suggest.

try a repair of internet explorer click here

try a windows update click here

try a good font manager click here

  hugh-265156 01:49 19 Jan 04 aol click here they say will respond within 24 hrs

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