Internet upload faster than download

  prester-john 21:31 11 Mar 11

Low speeds are quite normal in this village, 0.5Mbps is good. But on top of that I now regularly get upload speeds (0.37Mbps ten minutes ago) faster than download (0.11Mbps) - measured using PC Advisor Speed Test. Windows XP SP3; router and adapter both -n; browser Google Chrome or IE8; TalkTalk broadband (was Tiscali). WiFi connection stated as "135.0Mbps, Strength excellent, Status connected".

Something's wrong. Where do I start looking?

  lotvic 22:00 11 Mar 11

Try rebooting your router to get a fresh connection.
Switch it off and leave it unplugged completely for at least 30 secs before plugging back into mains.

  woodchip 22:49 11 Mar 11

Try this, I used it on my Wireless Laptop and it worked wonders, TCP Optimizer click here use the Optimize button on its default settings, You can make a backup of your old settings if you want to restore them later, in the menu

  prester-john 21:08 18 Mar 11

Iotvic: thank you for the suggestion. But I should've said I'd already tried that. Anyway, I tried it again several times. Same result, near enough (Upload 0.35, Download 0.13 etc).

Woodchip: thank you for the suggestion. I downloaded it, and ran it several times, over several days. Guess what! (Upload/Download 0.35/0.13; 0.37/0.11; 0.37/0.13 etc).

Today suddenly, one week later, Upload 0.37, Download 0.45 Mbps. Broadband heaven in these parts.

Signing off now. Thanks again, both.

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