internet timer alarm

  greybeard 17:51 04 Dec 04

Can anyone recommend or give me a link to a freeware prog that will give me a sound alarm when I've been connected for 55 minutes or so ? (When my billing rate jumps up)
I've searched Downloads and Google but most seem to be faer more complex than I need, or can cope with.
Many thanks in advance.

  Dorsai 18:14 04 Dec 04

you could buy a kitchen timer. Remember to set it when you go on-line.

click here but have no idea if it does what you want.

  greybeard 18:29 04 Dec 04

The old grey cells cant even remember to watch the timer on the connection manager, nevermind actualy remembering where the kitchen timer is !!!
I'll try your link - many thanks.

  Dorsai 18:36 04 Dec 04

Let us know how you get on with it. Have had a gander at it, and is would seem to be what you're after. Hope it is.

  crx1600 18:37 04 Dec 04

just being nosey, but which ISP/package do you have?

  greybeard 22:14 04 Dec 04

Sorry about the time lag - 6 gallons of wine needed my attention {:)>
being lazy, I'm still using a BT package until we get broadband early next year.
I'll let you know. While reading other threads, I found a link to Karen powertools, and downloaded one of hers(?)but not what I needed.
Re your link, I wonder what the reaction between their pop-up advertising and my blocker will be. All will be revealed.

  crx1600 22:47 04 Dec 04

im just wondering if your confusing BT's '5p per hour' offer, which is only for phone calls and not the internet.

but then im not up to date with what dial-up offers are around.

  greybeard 22:59 04 Dec 04

no, our package gives us something like 6p for evening and weekend calls up to 1 hour. It then switches to 3p per minute if you go over, including the first hour, which is the sting!!

  greybeard 23:03 04 Dec 04

There's no audio alarm with this one, but it does throw up a window on top to warn you. I'll run it for a few days and see how I get on with it.
Only the full Time-up window runs banner ads - there is a "small window" option which just gives a digital readout - various options, so no probs with pop-ups.

  crx1600 04:53 05 Dec 04

greybeard, the offer you describe sounds very much like what i was thinking of,

BT together option-1, the hour plan click here

but these deals only apply to numbers starting 01xx/x or 02xx etc, whereas your internet access is 08xx.

i have friends which use pay-as-you-go, that currently pay 60p per hour eves/weekends, as long as there isn't some big monthly premium, would certainly be interested in the 6p per hour deal, if you can provide info.

  greybeard 17:42 05 Dec 04

Sorry to mess you about -you're right it's 60p per hour.
I've just checked my option package. I'm sure hat I was told when I set it up that it also applied to 0845 numbers, because I distinctly remember asking. But it might be that I was checking that I could use the "friends"discount for 0845, and I inverted the two bits of information !! Ah well, yet another sign of the grey matter decling with the passing years.

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