Internet Time Restriction

  dp600 07:43 26 Jul 09

A friend has a teenage Daughter and wishes to put a time limit on her internet time,Preferably a latest time it can be used,is there a free program that can do this ? .
Thank You.

  Halmer 07:46 26 Jul 09
  Halmer 07:48 26 Jul 09
  mooly 08:01 26 Jul 09

If it's Vista (probably XP too) I think you can do all this from user accounts.
Just open <help and support> and type Parental controls. All there.

  dp600 08:08 26 Jul 09

Thank You Hammer

  Halmer 08:12 26 Jul 09

says there is a parental control option in Vista. I don't think there is one in XP.

I use K9 on my XP desktop and Vista laptop because I like it and it is unintrusive.

  Clapton is God 15:29 26 Jul 09

In XP, you can use the net user command at the command line to restrict when a user can log on. Of course, your daughter will need to have her own user name and password and you'll need to set accounts and passwords for everyone else that she doesn't know, so she can't simply log on as someone else.

For example, if her username were mary, to allow her to only log on between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. on Monday through Friday, you would type the following at the command prompt:

C:\>net user mary /time:M-F,08:00-20:00

To get to the command prompt window, in the Start; Run box, type: cmd.exe

This keeps her from logging on after 8 p.m., but if she's already logged on, it doesn't force her to log off.

  dp600 15:48 26 Jul 09

Have told him to download K9 ,thanks all

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