internet super slow and locks pls,

  andyj007 09:44 01 Jan 04

Yesturday, last night & this morning i have noticed serious performance loss at using the internet.

I have cleared history, temp files, and run cache cleaner through zone labs, de fragged the drive,and run the lastest stinger virus checker.
I also loaded on ad aware 6 freeware and found 54 items that it deleted.

I am using a 56k connection tha logs in at 46600-48000 through ntl dialer, running zone labs, zone alarm & sophia anti virus ( ihave always run these so nothing new)

When i load a page it takes ages or with no activity, or locks out and the cursor goes to an egg timer that wont let me click stop, back...etc etc. i can get out by going task master and end task but the whole computer becomes super slow to response, menus, and mouse clicking is not instant any more. PC specs at bottom

Hope you guys can help me.


evesham amd 2.2
geforce g4 Ti 128m
120 gig hardrive, partitioned 3 ways equal
windows xp pro

  KPC 09:58 01 Jan 04

best solution......Broadband. NTL.Cheapest.

  andyj007 09:58 01 Jan 04

Just noticed my task manger cpu running at 100% useage!!
i have something amoungst others called
svchost.exe using 99% what is it? a virus?



  willhay 10:08 01 Jan 04
  andyj007 10:19 01 Jan 04

My computer wont let me go to the link, it just goes into a freeze, funny i can go to other pages on this site?



  howard60 10:52 01 Jan 04

if this is a recent event try using system restore to go back to when all was wonderful.

  Big Elf 12:59 01 Jan 04

Just in case you could try an online av check as well. Trend Micro at click here

  muppetmark 13:12 01 Jan 04

http:/ / paste into your browser and remove the space between / / if you still cannot click the link

  Brian-318590 13:46 01 Jan 04

i,ve got the same thing with ntl just wondering if they,ve updated there dailer again it happened the last time they did that and removed the second dail up number i,ve tryed going back with no success the computer just freezes

  andyj007 09:24 02 Jan 04

Did a restore two days back, ran stinger virus checker again and it picked up a bug svchost.exe and deleted it. Wonder why it missed it first time?
Anyway im back up to speed heres the link to the stinger virus programme if anyones interested
click here

download and then run the programme.

yippee back up and running @ fulll speed.

thanks for everyones help.


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