internet suddenly very slow after working ok.

  Sapins 15:13 10 Oct 13

I had an imac connected via ethernet cable as well as a laptop and a desktop connected wirelessly but I have had to disconnect the imac 19 days ago and it was sent back to Apple. The laptop and the desktop are still connected wirelessly and have worked perfectly well with the imac connected and after I disconnected it. Now the connection speed has dropped from the normal 14mbs to just over 1mbs. Orange have confirmed the speed on the line to be 14mbs. I have changed the filters for new ones, no better. I have not changed any settings anywhere. Why should the speed drop like this? and what can I do next to resolve the problem?

  Sapins 15:21 10 Oct 13

Just checked router speeds, download 5.3mbs, upload 1mbs.

  onthelimit1 19:05 10 Oct 13

It can drop if a problem occurs on your line. More common on long overhead feeds, and in wet weather. It would also be wise to try the speed with just the router plugged into the BT master socket test point (that eliminates any possible problems from house extension wiring).

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