Internet speeds slow on pc but ok on laptop

Hi all,

I recently got a new pc (very powerful) for gaming. it was brill at first but now internet speed has dropped to 20kb per sec!!!!!I checked the laptop with speed checker and that was fine (about 4mb/s)it's just the pc. I rang BT they cleared the line, did a speed check and it was back up again. tried to download something (15gb) 2 days ago and at 30% it froze but it was overnight so not sure what happened tbh. I cancelled the download and started again, it was at 54% this time then the internet dropped off again back to 20kb/s.... I'm back to square one. I am not able to get fibre optic and 4mb/s is about the best I can get in my area. I am not sure what to do. I have noticed something on the web about clearing my register but I'm not sure what that is for one and also I don't want to clear the register then download something and it happen again.

I have an uber powerfull pc to game on and can't download the games lol

I use a BThub *and have my PC hardwired with an ethernet cable, I have changed the cable but did nothing so I know it's defo something to do with the pc. the laptop is still running at normal speeds also, no drop off, just on my pc. Please help.


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