Internet speed dropped drastically a month ago, can't use Internet properly

  thekeir 05 Oct 13

I live with my family, and last November, we got BT Infinity fibre-optic, and it's been great for 10 months. We were getting speeds of 50Mb/s down, and our computers were wired up with Homeplugs.

However, a month ago things started to go badly. Our basic Internet speed dropped significantly (as in, it halved), and Homeplugs aren't giving us the connection we need. After having done quite a bit of testing, we've come to the conclusion that my brother's new computer (he made it himself, out of crappy parts that keep breaking) is the problem, or at least one of the problems.

When his computer is turned off, our speeds are okay. I get 20Mb/s down (which is, of course, a MASSIVE drop from a consistent 50). As soon as his computer is switched on, however, our Internet is destroyed. Right now, he's got it on and I am getting 8 down and 11 up with my homeplug in, and 2 down/6 up with the homeplug out. It's pretty horrendous.

I guess his computer is just sucking in power, but I really can't figure out just how it works - but it is killing our Internet, one way or another. I thought perhaps it's downloading stuff all the time, but this happens when his computer is on Sleep mode and when it's disconnected from the Internet.

Finally, the homeplugs aren't giving me the right speed. When I run a speedtest on my laptop right by the router, I can get 35 or so down; however, my computer is currently getting 8 down with the homeplug connected. It used to be essentially a wired connection, but now it's getting nothing like that.

Any advice? What could be wrong with his computer? (And what might be wrong with the homeplugs?)


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