internet sometimes

  PeterJD 18:55 17 Nov 06

A few weeks ago my computer was damaged by an electrical storm and the ADSL USB modem and the motherboard were replaced.

Since then I have sometimes been able to connect to the web and sometimes not. If I cannot, I have to switch off, switch off and on again at the wall and restart. Usually I can then connect to the web.

I have tried disconnecting the modem, deleting the modem driver software, cleaning the registry with CCleaner, reinstalling the driver and then the modem and this sometimes results in an apparent temporary improvement but the problem recurrs.

Can someone help?


  Jackcoms 18:57 17 Nov 06

Did the storm cause any damage to your 'phone line?

Might it be worth getting BT to do a line check?

  PeterJD 19:38 17 Nov 06

The line was damaged and repaired and checked. So I'm sure that's not the problem.

  Jackcoms 20:21 17 Nov 06

What about your ADSL micro-filters ?

Where they damaged?

  PeterJD 17:50 18 Nov 06

No the filters weren't damaged. I am pretty sure that this a software problem

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