Internet Slow

  GuZ><0r 17:44 12 Dec 05

I am on Tiscali 1mb broadband yet for some reason it is slow. I have done speed tests and they come out at about 900 kb/s, but the internet is not that fast and on Counter Strike Source my latency is 600+ and I am not downloading anything. I have also done many anit-virus/spyware scans and found nothing.Could this be Tiscali or my computer.


  dawnyworld 17:49 12 Dec 05

you could try typing net_graph 3 in the console in game while it wont tell you exactly the problem it will show some connection settings .

  ashdav 18:24 12 Dec 05

Their server in Milton Keynes is down because of the Hemel Hempstead fire. A friend of mine had an email from Tiscali today.

  GuZ><0r 18:36 12 Dec 05

I have done more scans, and I am gueesing it is Tiscali.

  night 19:11 12 Dec 05

I live in Cornwall and have Tiscali 2.3Mbps but I am finding Explorer very slow indeed too but not sure what to do about it?

  VoG II 19:12 12 Dec 05
  VoG II 19:14 12 Dec 05

If you canb't be bothered to wait for that link to load:

Mon Dec 12 2005
Broadband Customers

Earlier today a network link that carries a large percentage of our Broadband traffic failed. We have been successful in re-routing this traffic but as we are approaching our busy time of day we are starting to see congestion which will result in some customers experiencing slow speeds. Engineers are on route to carry out the necessary repairs and we hope to have the link restored as soon as possible. .

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause
- Tiscali Technical Team.

  Skills 19:31 12 Dec 05

Cheers for that VoG was begining to wonder if it was a problem my end as ive just put in a router. I too am in cornwall and speed checks come back fine but pages are taking a age to load.

Hopefully it ill be sorted soon as this is worse than dial up :(

  GuZ><0r 19:33 12 Dec 05

I guess that anwser the question, thanks VoG and lets hope Tiscali sort it out quickly.

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