Internet shorcut property sheet

  stebee 18:50 16 Feb 12


Im trying to fined out how to find a internet shorcut property sheet within my pc

  onthelimit1 18:55 16 Feb 12

A what?

  stebee 18:59 16 Feb 12

apparently its called a "internet shortcut property sheet" because i cannot open any of my documents at all, i keep getting this msg,"the target of this internet shortcut is not valid,pls look at your internet shortcut property sheet and make sure the target is right.


  onthelimit1 19:06 16 Feb 12

That explains it better, never come across it before, but microsoft say this about it

  stebee 19:41 16 Feb 12

hi no microsoft link "fixit" doesnt work for the ie8 browser, and they dont know,never mind, ill find out somehow

Thnx anyway

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