Internet Sharing - without messing up my IP addresses?

  spacebawl 10 Jun 11

Built-in "Internet sharing" on windows 7 / XP messea up my IP adress structure - I cant access my NAS etc.

I have tried running a proxy eg: analog x proxy. But not all my devices work with proxy connections.

Is there a third way?: Keep my existing network IP structure AND share my internet across my home network?

Thanks for any advice folks.

  spacebawl 11 Jun 11

Thanks for yout interest! here's the household setup:

Netgear wifi router wgr614: 2 x wired Windows XP computers 1 and 2 (My render farm!) attached by cables to netgear wifi router ips =,

internet suuplied via T-mobile wifi dongle working on XP computer 1 (It's all I've got while moving house)

3 x laptops (various os) attached through wifi via netgear wifi router, ips -,, (Laptop 3 is running a weird art project not compatible with proxies) Nabaztag Wifi Bunny - claims she is ok with proxies, but isn't really.

If you own a Nabaztag Wireless Bunny, you will realise how hard life can be without one...

  mgmcc 12 Jun 11

"Internet Connection Sharing" must use the Subnet - the network adapter that connects to the 'client' computer will be given the address by Windows and the client's network adapter will get an address by DHCP between and

Unfortunately, Netgear routers also use this same Subnet by default. What you need to do is to change the Subnet used by the Netgear router. Its own address will be so you need to change the third octet (number) of its IP address to something other than "0". If you change it to "1", giving an IP address of it will then allocate addresses from to, thus avoiding a conflict with Internet Connection Sharing.


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