Internet sharing on home network Please help

  stu_gsi1 17:25 09 Dec 07

Ive been trying to set up my home network between 2 pcs running xp pro they are networked with cat5 crossover. I have configured the cards with / on host & / on the client. I can see the clientshared folders but not the hosts on the client. They flag up they are connected at 100Bps but when I click internet explorer nothing. When I ping the client from the host everything is ok but when I ping the host from client it fails loses the 4 packets anybody any idea?

  Kemistri 18:26 09 Dec 07

[1] Which firewall does each machine use (the host in particular) and have you configured them properly? Have you ruled them out by unloading their firewall engines? You omitted to mention it.
[2] I take that F&P Sharing is running happily without errors on both machines?
[3] Have you run ipconfig/all to get a status report from each machine?

  stu_gsi1 19:54 13 Dec 07

Thanks Kemistri it was my mcafee firewall that was giving me the problem

Cheers stu

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