Internet screen size in Wide Screen - Normal screen OK

  compumac 16:35 12 May 14

I have a relative (yes, the difficult one) who has a IE7 laptop.The bootup screen is fine with a full screen, but when accessing the Internet using BT, his home page goes down to wide screen with spaces above and below. Google Chrome produces a similar scenario excepting that the space is on the right hand side! The above info has been obtained by verbal communication and not visually by myself.

Altering the zoom level only does that in that the sides disappear from view.

What could he have done?

  wiz-king 16:40 12 May 14

Changed the default screen size?

  compumac 17:11 12 May 14


Screen size is OK and is the native resolution of the laptop, it is only when accessing Internet Explorer that the problem displays.

  Woolwell 17:25 12 May 14

Does this happen with all sites or just a few? It may well be down to the site design.

  compumac 17:30 12 May 14


With all sites. His home page is BT's so I would not expect trouble there(?)

  Woolwell 17:38 12 May 14

Very difficult to visualise without seeing for yourself. Has he reset the window size of IE and Chrome? What happens when they are maximised. This based on desktop is ok but browser is not.

  Woolwell 17:40 12 May 14

I lost a post. Has he altered the size of the browser window? What happens if he maximise them? This is based on the desktop being ok but browsers are not.

  Woolwell 17:40 12 May 14

Unable to post.

  Woolwell 17:42 12 May 14

Sorry Chrome playing up.

  compumac 17:44 12 May 14


Just had a phone call - the problem is now resolved! If you knew the relative and the computer problems of the past you would understand why I did not pursue as to the solution. He just presses buttons and ............................ Apart from losing my voice after a two hour (plus) phone call earlier.

Thanks for your input anyway.

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