Internet Problems...Need help!!!

  ShIvZ 15:49 16 Sep 07

I've got a wireless router(NETGEAR) and i can't get on certain websites..

I can get onto but i can't login for some reason..It comes up with "Page Cannot Be Displayed"

I also can't get onto at all...Any idea why this is happening..

Thanks ShIvZ

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:57 16 Sep 07

check security and privicy settings in your browser, some sites need cookies to be enabled.

  ShIvZ 16:23 16 Sep 07

I think my cookies are do i check?

  baldydave 16:43 16 Sep 07

Is this with IE 7 as this a common problem look on google - sorry i have no answer except try firefox.

  ShIvZ 18:08 16 Sep 07

I have tried Firefox and i looked on google and found nothing...I can get onto my account my using proxy websites..But it loads up really slow..

  baldydave 18:14 16 Sep 07

try this
click here

  woodchip 18:18 16 Sep 07

As above Host File can stop you as can Browser settings and Firewall the all need checking. If you use a router these also can stop you until you change setting to allow

  ShIvZ 00:30 17 Sep 07

baldydave, that didnt work..any other ideas..

  brundle 20:59 17 Sep 07

Sounds more like an MTU issue; click here

I realise the link mentions ADSL but at the end of the day the data all gets broken up into packets regardless of how you access the net.

  ShIvZ 00:51 18 Sep 07


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