Internet problems (downloading, Hotmail, browsing)

  j.woody 08:59 27 Sep 08

hi,this is my first time here and i have got 3 very annoying problems.
1. everytime i try to download anything of the internet it says "Internet cannot display this webpage".
2. when i type in click here the window to hotmail goes white but the Tab has the hotmail logo and its says "Sign In".
3. when i go to a search engine e.g google, yahoo etc.. and type in anything i want to search for, it finds it but when i click on the link, a new window appears and comes up with something completely irrelevant to what i was looking for, also the new window, at the address bar says click here= "or" click here= when its downloading the web page depnding on what search engine i go on. Also after the = it has lots of diffrent numbers and letters.

Please can you help me with these problems, it would be much appreciated.

p.s. i have got windows xp home edition sp2. and internet explorer 7 and the new firfox 3.
These problems started a couple of months ago when someone installed windows xp sp3 but then got removed on the sameday.

  Technotiger 09:32 27 Sep 08

Hi, welcome to the best Forum on the Net ... first thing to try is a System Restore back to before SP3 was attempted - Start>All programs>Accessories>System Tools>System restore, then choose a date shown in Bold print - before SP3!

After that, if still no good, run click here in its default form - in fact it would not hurt to run that anyway after doing the System Restore.

Any further problems, come back here - plenty of guys and gals ready and willing to lend a hand.

Also stick with this one Thread until completion, hopefully.

Finally, for the moment anyway, I would advise you to download the Forum Rules by clicking on the link at near the top of this page - the Rules are only a couple of pages.

  j.woody 09:41 27 Sep 08

hi, thanks for the advice, but i already have tried to do a system restore and it wouldn't let me, it said that it was incomplete. so i did it again and again but it just kept saying that it was incomplete and that nothing was changed.I already have ccleaner and i have runned it but it still has the same problems from the start.
but thanks anyway!!

  Technotiger 09:48 27 Sep 08

Seems to me as if you might have a Malware problem. My advice now is to run all your Anti-everything programs as a precaution.

Have a good look at this click here

  j.woody 09:57 27 Sep 08

yeh i have got AVG running and firewall. is this enough? or do i need more?

  Technotiger 10:09 27 Sep 08

Yes, in addition you need at least Ad-Aware from click here and at least one other Malware specific program - there are plenty shown in skidzy's link. I expect you already know, but Only one Anti-virus, but as many other anti programs as you like.

If you are only using the built-in Windows Firewall, you should get instead one of the other free firewalls, all of which are better than the built-in firewall.

If you are using a Router, you may also have a firewall built-in to the router, known as a hardware firewall - it is ok to have a hardware firewall and a software firewall at the same time.

  j.woody 10:34 27 Sep 08

thanks, i have now got ad aware but i cant download anything else because of the downloading problem that i have.

  Technotiger 10:38 27 Sep 08

OK - run AdAware then, it may help - usually takes about 15-20 minutes to complete depending on how much stuff you have on your PC.

  Technotiger 10:40 27 Sep 08

I am going out now, but stay with it, plenty of others out there watching this thread.

I will look in again later.

  j.woody 10:44 27 Sep 08

ok, thanks but my problems are still unsolved....
anyone Help please!!!!

  j.woody 10:55 27 Sep 08

i don't think that it is Malware....

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