Internet Problems

  Crippen 13:30 25 Feb 03

In issue 90 (march2003) a reader was asking about a problem with staying on the net more than a few minutes at a time. I had a similar problem a while back and after carrying out all the suggestions and checks I could including modem diagnostics, I noticed a slight "crackling" in the background while on normal phone calls.
After reporting this to our local telecoms company and them carrying out numerous checks and tests as the "crackling" was intermittent they (after further complaint)actually found a defective cable and joint in a nearby junction box,this was rectified and since then I've had no problems with internet connections, speeds etc.
In general everything is now much faster, so your reader might wqant to have his line checked out in the same way and best thing about was it didn't cost me a penny!

  sizzler 16:08 25 Feb 03

i had the same problem but rang bt and discovered a damaged cable it#s been fine since

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